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Birth Class in a Box

Birth Class in a Box

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The Simple, Evidence Based, and Fun way to prepare Black mamas and their partners for a breathtaking birth. 

Birth Class in a Box is a childbirth education kit that provides the basic information needed for growing families to learn their options and make informed decisions around their care. As a result of using, Black women are having breathtaking births, avoiding unnecessary pain and enjoying the journey to motherhood. 

My comprehensive childbirth education kit is the perfect solution for birth pros who want to work smarter, not harder in making sure their clients are prepared to have the birth experience they desire.

The kit was created to be flexible and useful in various situations. You can use the kit during prenatal sessions to guide clients through the information, use it as a guide for your birth classes with multiple clients, or gift it to clients and allow them to go through it on their own.  However you choose to include it in your practice it's sure to beef up your client offerings and add to the unique value you bring to their experience. 

The kit is great to use with low risk, pregnant, Black women regardless where they plan to give birth (hospital, birth center, home).

The Kit includes:

  • An Easy Read, Comprehensive Info Booklet
  • 5 Interactive Games
  • Labor Practice Activity 
  • Journal (Can Choose Business or Pregnancy)
  • 2-3 Bonus Products from Black Birth related Businesses

The kit is also significantly less expensive than cbe certifications and other birth classes while providing a culturally relevant framework. 

Please indicate if it's for personal or business use. The only difference is the journal. Business use comes with a business planning journal. Personal use comes with a pregnancy journal. 


Additional Information:

Orders are made to order and shipped within a week of purchase. Please allow 8-10 business days after shipping to receive order. You will receive shipping updates and tracking information. (Check your spam if you have not received an update.)

Insurance may reimburse the cost as a birth class.

Discounted bulk orders available. Please email Ashlee at

Most recent boxes are black with the same contents.

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