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Mother Conscious

Basic Childbirth Education for Birthworkers

Basic Childbirth Education for Birthworkers

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Need to fulfill your doula certification requirements? Want an Afrocentric curriculum and perspective?


This course is based on my ENTER method which details the five keys for a breathtaking birth. The 5 keys include: Engage in the process (Education), Nurture self and baby (Nutrition), Take control of decisions (Informed Consent), Exercise and practice, and Relax (Reduce Stress and Tension).  


About the host...With the Birth Class in a Box and Keep It Simple workshops I help doulas prepare mamas for birth, engage birthing partners, and save their own time , money and energy. I've experienced 3 natural, out of hospital births (2 water births and 1 homebirth) and breastfed my first 2 kids for 3.5 years each. I've been a trained cbe and doula since 2015. A year later I launched the Baltimore City La Leche League group.

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