JUNE 21-22, 2024

Greencourt Innovation Center

Rockville, Md

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    Created by a group of Black birthworkers in the DMV (DC, MD, VA) area.


    We'll work through the hard stuff, dance it off, and leave with lighter shoulders and a new perspective.


    We as a people thrive in community. So let's strengthen what we have and build for a better future. We'll talk about business and selfcare.


We're a group that gets what you're going through. The birth trauma, being ghosted by clients, difficulty putting yourself out there, etc. We are here to let you know you are not alone and help you work through it.

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    It's hard doing this work alone. Come find your tribe.


    There's nothing like retail therapy (especially when free stuff is included).


    These kids is why birthwork exist. Bring em if you need to. We'll make sure they're safe, fed and having fun too.

  • FOOD

    What is fun with out food?! We'll provide meals, drinks, and snacks.


    Moving our hips and stretching it out is simply how we move the heavy load out of our bodies and clear our minds.


    We'll learn massage techniques, yoga poses, and how to mix herbs by doing it.

Event Details

Day 1: Money Mixer 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Join us for an interactive panel discussion on business sustainability, networking, food and music.

Day 2: Reset & Retreat 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM Registration, Breakfast, and Networking *Catered meal provided

10:00 AM - 10:45 AM Welcome and Opening Intentions

10:45 AM - 11:05 AM Group Movement

11:05 AM - 12:20 PM Workshop: Massage Techniques

12:20 PM - 1:20 PM LUNCH *Catered meal provided

1:20 PM - 2:50 PM Group Therapy

2:50 PM - 3:20 PM Snack Break

3:20 PM - 3:50 PM Sacral Dance Party

3:50 PM - 5:00 PM Workshop: Herbs for Birth-Workers

5:00 PM - 5:10 PM Snack Break

5:10 PM - 5:40 PM Community Ending Ritual

5:40 PM - 7:00 PM Dinner and Networking *Catered meal provided

  • Ashley Wright


  • Lorena Graham

  • Janisa Simmons

  • Pansay Andrews

  • Kimberly Lewis

  • Anisha Thompson

  • Kristen

  • Stacia

  • Layo George

  • Ana Rodney

  • Sam Griffin


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  • Ashlee Jaye Johnson

    Lead Organizer

    After 8 years of birthwork Ashlee has finally found her lane in the work, community keeper. As the owner of Mother Conscious, she creates space and resources like the Birth Class in a Box and Doulas & Mamas Speedating to help Black birth workers get started and thrive in birthwork. 


  • Oliviyah Bowens

    Retreat Day Coordinator

    Olivyah provides holistic birth support (doula services) in the M.D, D.C, and V.A. area. She is also a mom and podcaster.


  • Crystal Jackson


    After getting over the shock of learning she was pregnant- Crystal decided she wanted to have the most natural birth experience possible. That was a few years ago. Today she is answering the call to birthwork and providing doula support and human rights advocacy throughout the DMV.


  • Candace Shillingford

    Logistics Coordinator

    Candace is the founder of Rebirthing the Mind, a Mindfulness Childbirth Educator, Parent Teacher, Mindfulness Coach, Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist, and a licensed Social Worker in the state of Maryland. She gained a passion for birth work and mental health while she was pregnant with her oldest at the young age of 18. Candace knew she wanted to give back to the community what she was given – HOPE! 


  • Dr. Myesha Carter

    Logistics & Volunteer Coordinator

    As a doula, bridgebuilder & DC daughter, she has committed to bridging joy & justice for Black and Brown families. She has also been shaped by professional experiences in early intervention, teaching and training early career speech-language pathologists and early childhood professionals, and leadership consultation.



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